Why do cats bury their food?

Why do cats bury their food: There is behavior hidden in all cats, some may show it and others may not. It is mostly existent in wild cats to maintain their survival and remain alive. Burying food is a relatively common behavior and it is not something you should worry about.

The behavior looks similar as if the cat is trying to bury waste or scratches at the floor. You may also notice that the cat pushes something over the bowl to cover it.

On this article, we are going to answer this mysterious question.

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Why do cats bury their food?

Why do cats bury their food

There are many reasons why cats bury their food.

In the natural status, wild cats attempts to bury or cover their unconsumed food to avoid attracting the predators nearby the exact location of the cat. The cat even tries hide its smell or the food’s smell from other predators.

Cats do not bury food for that they aren’t scavengers but it is only their instinctive way to survive and protect themselves. Moreover, indoor cats are cats of a wild nature so they share the exact similar instinct, it is just a matter of domestication that gave us a more “civilized” look to our little felines.

Some tips for you to minimize such behavior:

  • Give your cat a small portion so the food won’t be wasted through burying behavior.
  • Don’t give too much food or too little food, keep an eye on the exact consumed amount.
  • Give your cat fresh water once the cat is finished without leaving spills or food’s leftovers on the ground
  • Try a food puzzle trick, so the cat would fetch for food and eat it.
  • Distract your cat by playing with it when trying to display such behaviour

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